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Ampco System Parking:

The projects were completed on time with no software glitches. In addition, PaulsonIT made monthly follow up calls and even offered assistance in computer related problems outside of the project they worked on. We are happy with the programming and support PaulsonIT has provided and have recommended them to other contacts for similar work. We would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking assistance in their field of work.

-Louis Vela,
Ampco Branch Manager (June 23, 1997)


Ampco System Parking had purchased sophisticated hardware and servers from a revenue control equipment vendor to monitor and control their parking operations. Thousands of cars entered and exited the garages on weekly basis, but the system left some of the simplest questions unanswered: for example, how many cars were in a garage at a given time? The site had no computer support personnel and an increasing need for custom solutions.


Often the best reporting system answers the simple questions. New "business intelligence" technologies such as OLAP allow the databases to be queried from multiple points of view. Our solution was to gather the top 5 or 10 questions the company needed to know and create a data processing utility behind an easy-to-use interface.