93% overall satisfaction score for reliability, quality and cost in 2004, 94% in 2007.
Dun and Bradstreet

Designing IT To Support Rapid Growth


To support the 30-50% annual growth of a manufacturing distributor.

Solarlux/NWS entered the US market with an innovative design solution for architects and builders. While their unique product was a hit with customers, the sales and manufacturing details were complex and could not be managed by any commercial off-the-shelf solutions. Furthermore, their national salesforce needed a way to manage their sales pipeline and customer relations.


PaulsonIT undertook the development and implementation of a custom sales and CRM portal designed specifically to meet the dynamic needs of their client. Since prices, product lines and business rules had to adjust frequently to the marketplace, all commercial off-the-shelf solutions proved inadeqate. Moreover, integrating the sales and CRM with CAD services lead to greater worker productivity and customer satisfaction.