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Keeping It Simple

Sometimes it takes an expert to point out the obvious.

-Scott Allen

While our company works with increasingly sophisticated technologies, our consulting services focus on basic questions that seem never to lose relevance:

  • Are you trying to automate a process before it has been well defined or improved?
  • Are you trying to solve performance problems wth technology?
  • Is the computer or network seen as more than a tool?
  • Are the number of features desired overtaking the usability of the system?
  • Is the technology designed in the context of the organization and its culture?

These questions underscore our philosophy that people and organizations are the key to success in information management.

Consulting Services

Systems Implementation/Integration Strategy

If you need assistance with either the implementation or customization of a major software system, consider our consultation services. If you are implementing a packaged solution, we offer assistance and management of software selection, requirements analysis, design, custom coding, prototyping, testing, and training. If you want a system built from the ground up, our services include all of the programming effort.

Internet Strategy

Most competitive companies are seeking to expand their presence on the web. Our technical team can evaluate many of the latest technologies with your business goals in mind. Our experience is largely in company portals design to optimize daily operations, CRM systems and general web database design. If you plan to improve your current business software to an internet systems or implement a new system, we offer complete project management or subcontracting services.

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